• Aviation Services

    Aviation Services

    ICE Aviation Services is a provider of Commercial Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft Engine and Business Aircraft Services enabling our client’s to fully realize the highest value for their aircraft/engines.

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Remarketing Services
ICE was formed to maximize the return for our clients.

We maximize our client’s return by taking an early proactive approach to repossession and remarketing projects.

We identify any deficiencies in advance through inspections and provide an inspection report with a damage deficiency estimate. Our clients use this report to collect monetary compensation for the damages from the Lessee or leverage off this deficiency report to proactively have the Lessee repair the unit prior to return.

We have technicians and mechanics on staff that will travel to the lessee’s location to perform inspections.

Once the unit has been deemed in “return condition”, we then market the equipment through our network of contacts in the respective industry as well as our established database of 5,000 potential Buyers. Our proprietary system, which we call ICE BREAKER© has taken over 5 years to create.

What We Do

  • Arrange the transport or receive Capital Equipment which has expired off lease.
  • Perform an inventory of the equipment to be sold.
  • Perform an inspection report for the client.
  • Utilize our ICE BREAKER© remarketing system.
  • Recommend repairs or improvements and perform repairs in-house.
  • Detail and prepare items for maximum sale site exposure.
  • Offer quick turnaround time for funding settlement with seller.